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The most accurate Archery and BowHunting simulation available. Any game, any time.

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Family fun for all

Our goal at TechnoHUNT is to teach and train the next generation of archers in safe, ethical hunting and archery practices.

You can use your own equipment

With the TechnoHUNT system, you bring your own equipment. Your own bow, your own arrows. All you need is to replace your field tips  with our specially-made blunt tips. Prepare for the hunt with TechnoHUNT.

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Choose from the different scenarios & game modes

Not only do the TH400 simulators have the classic hunting game mode, but we also have several other game modes. From Tic-tac-toe to darts to our new game modes, balloon pop, and underwater hunt.

The TH 400 series software is built using one of the best game engines out there. This allows us to update your system consistently with new game modes and content seamlessly.



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What our community of archers 🎯 thinks

It's the greatest thing of all time!"

- Joe Rogan 


American comedian, podcast host, and mixed martial arts color commentator

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