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A detailed look of the
TH 400

The most advanced Archery Simulator in the world.

  • Made in the USA 

  • You bring your bow, your arrows, and just replace your field tips with our custom-made blunt tips.

  • No need to bring your own videos or keep track of your scores, our software does all that for you. 

  • Our hit zones have animals from all over the world and are both challenging and fun for all skill levels. Tired of shooting animals test your archery skills out in our different game modes.

  • With the TH400 system, you can participate in our online tournaments. It has our newly designed hassle-free sensors and software. 

Have a TH 100 to 300, and want to upgrade?

You can Upgrade for a Discounted Price!

Upgrading your system will keep your shooters coming back to experience the all-new hit zones, game modes, and capabilities of the new TH400 System. TechnoHUNT will give you a trade-in discount for your old newton sensors and old TechnoHUNT system parts. Your discount could be up to $2,000. Upgrade discount is only available if your system has metal frames and your metal frames are still installed.

Included in Price
  • Shipping to your shop

  • Onsite Installation by a TechnoHUNT Installer.

  • Onsite Training by a TechnoHUNT installer.

  • One Year Warranty.

What upgrade comes with
  • New Computer, Monitor, and Printer

  • New Hassle-Free Sensors

  • New Cables

  • New HD Projector

  • New Screen


Hardware/Software Issues


Try out our system during our:

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