How to become a hosting site?

If a shop wants to become a hosting site for the tournament they will need to contact Technohunt and pay the hosting fee. Once the fee has been paid, Technohunt will then schedule a time to install and update the software for the game to participate in the tournament.

How do I participate in a tournament?

A shooter will have to register online at the Technohunt store and pay the entry fee. Once they have completed the registration process, they can visit a hosting site and begin shooting. After they have completed their shooting they will be able to view their score once it is posted online.

Where can I view my score?

After the participant has shot in the game, the game will automatically post their scores on the Technohunt server. The customer can view their scores at

What do I do if I win the tournament?

After the tournament is concluded and a participant is declared a winner, they will need to contact Technohunt by phone, email, or Facebook. They will be required to take a photo at the shop they shot at for Technohunt promotional purposes. The shooter will be responsible for any taxes on the prize money.