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  • What do I do if I win the tournament?
    After the tournament is concluded and a participant is declared a winner, they will need to: 1. Contact Technohunt by phone, email, or Facebook. 2. Required to take a photo at the shop they shot at for Technohunt system. 3. The shooter will be responsible for any taxes on the prize money.
  • How to become a Tournament hosting site?
    If a shop wants to become a hosting site for the tournament they will need to: 1. Contact Technohunt and pay the hosting fee. 2. Schedule a time with Technohunt to install and update the software for the game to participate in the tournament.
  • Where can I view my score?
    After the participant has shot in the game, the game will automatically post their scores on the Technohunt server. The customer can view their scores at
  • How do I participate in a tournament?
    1. A shooter will have to register online at the Technohunt store and pay the entry fee. 2. Once they have completed the registration process, they can visit a hosting site and begin shooting. 3. After they have completed their shooting they will be able to view their score once it is posted online.
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